The Slipfielder


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The Slipfielder - A tribute to the original Goliath Slipfielder, available in heavy duty canvas and premium suede. It features a vulcanized rubber gum sole and white foxing with a rubber toecap, referring to the original Slipfielder. Ideal fit for both men and women.

The Slipfielder

Premium Vulcanized Footwear, Since 1925


Eversince Goliath Sportswear switched from providing top-athletes to focusing on everyday-day-life; quality has been priority number one. It’s creating premium shoes since 1925 that gave us the confidence of being simple without being boring. Our smart last, the genuine rubber, our skilled manufacturing and uncompromising finishing. These aspects allow us to create distinctive products that aren’t overly showy. Instead of drawing everyone’s attention, it’s the finesse that speaks to those who know.